This trekking is ideal to know something distinct, like the impressive constructions of two only flats in this region and the no less beautiful place of the lima highlands arriving to the 3,400 masl, Having the possibility to appreciate the spectacular flight of the condor. Rupac Called also the Machu Picchu from Lima is an impressive place and of big value that all person that visit it will not go back to have the same vision of the things because of his beauty and knowledge.


Day 1

Exit of Lima to the 05:00 am with direction to Huaral, northeast of Lima, when arriving do a brief stopped to appreciate this nice city and afterwards continue until the pictures. La Florida is the place to start the trekking, here organize our luggages that will be carried by arrieros until Rupac. The route goes promotion by a way of horseshoe that initiates in Pampas, this village is called the village ghost since there are not inhabitants, all the houses, school, shops are closed. We go out following the ascending route which does more deafening by the narrow of the way and the deep of the abyss colindante, and after some 3 hrs and half receives us the fortress of Marco Kullpi, and in some minutes more are in Rupac. Now the time constrains and look for the esplanade out of the archaeological place to arm our carps, and prepare the foods for the dinner.

Day 2

A las 08:00 am despertamos y luego del desayuno pasamos a desarmar nuestro camping, dejando todo preparado para nuestra partida. Teniendo todo listo nos dirigimos a visitar Rupac ciudad que estuvo en manos de la civilización de los Atavillos (1100-1400 a.d), Fortress built in so perfect strong from which divisaba all the valley and had an absolute control of the place. Afterwards of the exploration of the chullpis constructions of two flats, and with funeral places.

We begin the descent until The Florida (2 hrs aprox). When arriving direct us to our mobility with destination to Lima, doing a stop previously for a breakfast like closing of so wonderful adventure.

The program includes:

● Collect and return in private bus
● Guided official more assistance
● Complete Feeding day 1 and breakfast day 2
● Tickets
● Carps and sleepings
● Two bottles of water and two energy drinks
● Arrieros and mules for transfer of load
● First-aid kit
● Oxygen for emergencies

Necessary Teams:

● Shoes of trekking (half cane - no new)
● Trousers of trekking (no jean)
● small Torch and batteries (of frontal preference)
● Gloves and chullo for the cold
● Jacket for rain
● Two pairs of averages, two poles, underwear
● Lens and cap for the sun
● Coat for temperature of 0 degrees


● Carry the lower possible weight
● Rest early the previous day
● Eat light foods the previous day (pastes)
● Drink well a day before (drink a lot of water)
● Dont take alcohol a day before
● Not carrying at all in the hand (except the clave of trekking)
● Use a sun protector
● Not consuming the water of the waterfalls
● Follow the indications of the guide
● Keep a positive mental attitude


Minimum Group of 6 persons